New version 1.11 now available

For people day trading stocks and focusing on gapping/momentum stocks, the daily process of building a watch list of candidates likely to yield good trade setups is critical.

There are multiple sources that yield different results for the same scanning filter. Using only one source will miss promising stocks and dealing with multiple sources is hard to manage in a timely manner with repeat hits on discarded stocks. Alternative sources are also an essential backup when failure occurs with some of the primary data sites.

SpiderScan was written to build a daily watch list of stocks with the click of a button, consistently, almost instantly, keeping track of stocks that already came up in a previous scan and highlighting new ones. A few clicks of the mouse creates a watch list from multiple scanners and data parsed from multiple sources and websites. The program spiders through websites at lightning speed compared to manual browsing.

SpiderScan aggregates real time, historical and fundamental data from multiple sites into an optimized screen to quickly isolate promising trade candidates. All scans are easily customized with filters to adapt to any market conditions.

Market opens with a big gap up ?
Increase the minimum gap and/or the minimum volume criteria to avoid excessively large lists.

Want to concentrate on stocks gapping outside of the previous day's range ?
The price open column when present is color coded according to the range.

SpiderScan has a database of 7000 stocks and ETFs classified by sector and industries. React quickly to news affecting an industry.

Oil shooting up ?
Check out the airlines. Bring up the Industry scan, expand the Transportation sector and select the airline industry, a snapshot list of the top movers comes up instantly with realtime data.

Want to look for sympathy plays ?
Bring up a list of top movers for a stock's sector or industry in seconds. Filters ensure that low volume and/or price stocks are not displayed if unwanted.

SpiderScan also interfaces nicely with QuoteTracker(QT) and Interactive Brokers TWS(IB) if these program are used. Link to charts in QT and survey a stock chart just by selecting it in SpiderScan.

Chart looks promising ?
Press the SPACE bar and the stock is in your QuoteTracker watch list. On each scan screen, stocks currently in your QuoteTracker portfolio are color coded.
While cycling through your charts of stocks through SpiderScan's Watch List (QT only) highlight a sub list of promising stocks and quickly rotate between them when near chart bar completion. Instantly calculate share size according to risk and bar data (QT only). Press a key and instantly fill a limit stop order with an associated stop loss in IB (IB only).

At the end of the trading day, see a stock on a blog where somebody made a killing ?
Wondering why it did not make it into your watch list ?
SpiderScan allows saving and restoring all scans performed during the day. Go back to your scans, see if and when that stock came up, figure out why it did not make it into your list.
At the end of the week, month, recall scans and watch list(QT only) to analyze trading performance.

Currently there are 11 different scans available through SpiderScan:
  • Briefing requires a Briefing.com subscription. It spiders Briefing.com for 3 'SCANX' items: Early pre-market gappers, Gapping up and Gapping down.
  • Ibscan interfaces with the Interactive Brokers API and the scanners. It builds a list of stocks from the intersection of 3 different scans: Hot Contract by Volume, Top Close-to-Open % Gainers (Gap up) and Close-to-Open % Losers (Gap down).
  • TDA uses the TD Ameritrade API to rapidly process thousands of stocks from a fixed list. Most complete scan as processing is done locally
  • Finviz is from finviz.com and is highly customizable through preset filters.
  • Prophet is a spider for the prophet.com site. It works with a free Basic member or a premium member subscription.
  • Inet is a scan that parses the Top 100 list by percent change from the inet site.
  • Prem is a new pre-market scan that spiders free pre-market data sources to identify unusual price and volume activity.
  • Quote is a scan from the quote.com stock screener. It parses data from the Unfilled Gaps and Unusual volume for NASDAQ and NYSE.
  • Sector is a scan based on the Google finance site. It provides a real time graph of percent change for stocks sectors and the top and bottom 50 stocks for each sector. Data is realtime and free.
  • Industry is also a scan based on Google's finance site. It displays 12 sectors which can be expanded to their industries. For each sector or industry, it displays the top and bottom stocks by percent change.
  • Gap history recalls gapping stocks for any day using Yahoo data. Great tool to hone you skills reviewing and studying chars

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Version 1.11 now available

Version 1.11 is now available. Current customers will receive a link for the update shortly. Here is a video describing the main features of this new version.

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